How To Choose the Best Archery Release

How To Choose the Best Archery Release


When choosing an archery release, the most expensive options aren’t necessarily the best. There are features to consider besides price, including length adjustment, an upgraded strap, and trigger-pressure adjustment. But first consider whether you want a hand-held or wrist model. Steve Tentler, owner of Tru-Fire, a Wisconsin-based archery accessories company, says both models have their benefits, and tells how to choose the best archery release for you.

“Handheld releases are great for the person who tree stand hunts since you can usually leave the release attached to the loop of the bow. The downside is the possibility of losing the release since it’s not attached to the wrist. For spot and stalk situations, a hand held release can sometimes be a hindrance especially if it’s in your hand and at the same time you are trying to make your way up or down a hill grabbing whatever is close to ‘keep you vertical.’

“In my opinion handheld releases are slightly more difficult to draw a bow back verses a wrist model. This becomes even more obvious the more clothes you have on, especially in the later seasons. Wrist models, which are the most popular, are a great option since the bow’s draw weight is distributed around the wrist which seems to make the draw cycle have less effort than a hand held.”

Photo by: Realtree