Portable Power For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Portable Power For the Outdoor Enthusiast


An increasing number of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are using their smartphones in the field. In addition, the constant desire to document moments for online use, whether in still pictures or on video, means there are more cameras and video cameras in the woods. More technology in the outdoors means more devices need to be charged, whether it’s to photograph your trophy buck or make a phone call in case of emergency. Bushnell’s new Powersync USB port has your charging needs covered.

“Featuring a variety lightweight, rugged and portable products, the PowerSync line provides power on demand through a simple plug-and-play USB port. The solar line is fitted with advanced amorphous silicon thin film solar technology that performs in less than full sunlight and collects energy more efficiently, while the battery line includes four products—including three that feature high-capacity lithium ion batteries. 

The PowerSync line is designed with the off-the-grid hunter and outdoorsman or woman in mind. Be it a weekend in the woods or a backcountry hunt, PowerSync is meant to provide a reliable and easily transportable power supply.”

Photo by: Bushnell