How To Call Late-Spring Toms

How To Call Late-Spring Toms


If you’ve experienced a silent spring so far, and the wild turkeys just aren’t talking back, you may be anticipating that the rest of the season will be much of the same. Good news, hunters: There’s a second peak to gobbling activity, and it happens late in the season while hens are on their nests and toms are looking for company. John Higley explains how to call gobblers for late-season success.

“Late in the spring season, many of the hens will be on their nests full time, and that’s when gobbling picks up again as the jilted toms expand their search for available mates. So how can you take advantage of the second peak, which, in my experience, may last for only a few days?

First, you’ve got to be out there among the turkeys when it counts. Only by hunting the final days of the annual spring season do you have an opportunity to make good things happen.”

Photo by: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife