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Expert Advice On Choosing Summer Lures and Flies


Spring may be known as the best season to reel in monster bass, but summer bass fishing can be just as hot as the temperatures registering on your thermometer if you’re using the right setup. Of course, the “right setup” is in the eye of the beholder, and is proven only by success in the water. Field and Stream narrowed down the options by asking pros for their go-to summer-fishing baits.

“We reached out to 15 of the country’s top guides and pros—you know, the guys who get paid to reel in largemouths, smallmouths, trout, crappie, cats, walleyes, striped bass, and more—and asked them about what they rely on most to catch big fish come summer. Here are their answers. You’d better clear room in your tackle box.”

Photo by: Maryland Department of Natural Resrouces