Don’t Miss an Outdoor Opportunity

Don’t Miss an Outdoor Opportunity


It’s easy to say that the thrill of the hunt is more important than taking home a trophy, until you return home empty-handed. On these occasions, hunters are often met with consolations like, “That’s why it’s called hunting and not catching.” It’s much like the baseball player who strikes out and is reminded that what’s important isn’t whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. Whether you’re searching for wild game or scouring the woods for wild morel mushrooms this season, Jerry Davis reminds all hunters to enjoy the outdoors whether or not you bring home a harvest.

“There is more in a spring woods than morels. There is more to a turkey hunt than killing a gobbler. Chalk these treks up to scouting if nothing is caught, killed or picked. Maybe there weren’t many morels to be picked, but the more we look, the more other things we could see. Maybe it’s a grand patch of leeks, those tasty wild onions. Or maybe we hear a turkey gobbling, sparking an interest in a new hunting location for next fall or spring.”

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Photo: Michigan Department of Natural Resources