How to Maximize Your Walk Outdoors

How to Maximize Your Walk Outdoors


Taking a walk is a good way to clear your head, stretch your muscles, and manage your weight. Hunters know well the benefits of walking through the woods, whether it’s to scout, hunt, or just enjoy nature. Hearing the woods awaken on a crisp morning, smelling rich soil mixed with dew and leaves, and feeling the first hints of sunshine break through the forest canopy add to the enjoyment and adventure of hunting. James Swan says that being aware of his surroundings enables him to make the most of his time outdoors, and offers tips on how you can maximize your walks in the woods.

“Walking is good for everyone. Walking in a beautiful natural area is better. Walking with some woodsmarts enriches the experience even more. It also gives you some more skills to increase your hunting success. Walk, and see how much more aware of what is around you can comprehend.”

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