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The Positive Side of Kids and Guns


Mention the word gun and, depending on the setting, you’re likely to get a variety of looks and responses. Some people fear them; others fear losing their rights to own them. Recent events in the news have made guns, gun rights, and gun control a hot-button issue, especially in regards to kids, guns, and keeping our nation’s children safe. The latest episode of Student of the Gun promises to show the positive side of kids and guns.

“We’ll follow young people, adults-in-training as they enjoy the shooting sports. We’ll also feature the wonderful adult instructors who volunteer their time to work with these kids and help them to grow into responsible adults… We don’t believe the words KIDS and GUNS together are something to be feared. We don’t use our kids as props to serve our political agenda. We see our children as adults-in-training who need our guidance, not sheltering.”

Photo by: John L’Heureux