Hunting Whitetails 303

Hunting Whitetails 303


If you are a skilled whitetail deer hunter, manager, or just want to become one, the annual convention of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) has much to offer. You will meet whitetail deer managers and hunters from across the nation. You’ll also have first-hand access to experts in a wide variety of hunting and propagation techniques all with a single purpose: quality deer management. Here’s a snippet of some of the available seminars:


  • Mature Buck Movements: Groundbreaking Research
  • Property Design and Layout to Harvest Mature Bucks
  • Trophy Buck Strategies
  • Fighting the Odds to Produce Quality Food Plots
  • Hinge Cutting for Better Deer Habitat
  • Selecting Wildlife Trees and Shrubs
  • Coyote Trapping

…and many more. The QDMA convention will be held in Athens, GA, July 18–21. For more information, check the website at