How To Hunt Turkeys Like Michael Waddell

How To Hunt Turkeys Like Michael Waddell


These days its difficult to walk into any gun shop or sporting goods store and not see images of Michael Waddell smiling behind a series of products or hunting videos. This handsome young man from Georgia has become a hunting celebrity, both for his down-to-earth country charm and his skill in the hunting woods. Waddell lays out a four-step plan to succeed, demonstrating a keen understanding of the skill and tactics required to succeed with Mr. Tom:

thCAF2WAKK“This might surprise a lot of you, but if I was forced to pick just one thing that I was allowed to hunt, it would have to be a turkey,” Waddell recently wrote. Over the years, he has developed a go-get-’em style of hunting that makes for a lot of successful turkey hunts. He offers the following advice for those hunters looking to regularly fill their turkey tags.

Focus on Calling

“Anybody can go out there now and then and kill a turkey, just thCAOQ11NFlike I did when I killed that first jake,” says Waddell. “The key is to be successful on a regular basis. That’s what makes a great turkey hunter.” At the foundation of that effort is the ability to call and properly mimic the sound of an actual turkey.

“The number one thing I am asked at seminars or when I travel to shows is how can I get better at using a mouth call. Everyone wants to know…”