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Hands-Free Turkey Hunting


A shotgun sling is nearly a necessity for effective turkey hunting. Whether you use a box caller, slate and peg, or even a diaphragm, having both hands free simply makes you more effective. Otherwise, you’ll be leaning your shotgun against a tree, an unsafe practice, or laying it in the leaves, where it can collect debris that may gum up the action. Limbsaver has dramatically redesigned the standard gun sling with a rounded “handle” that provides a sure grip when climbing or just walking. The totally camouflaged pattern won’t reveal your location and the non-slip surface keeps the rifle securely on your shoulder until you are ready for action. Here’s how Limbsaver describes it:

DSC_0196The new LimbSaver Kodiak Hi-Grade Rifle/Crossbow Sling/Shotgun sling solves the common discomfort of shouldering a rifle for long hours in the woods. The NAVCOM comfort ridges provide a secure, non-slip surface, but additionally keep any hard edges from biting into your shoulder muscles or collar bones. The 3-D Swivel System easily attaches to your firearm or crossbow which allows the 3-D swivel to move freely, removing torque that can put unnecessary stress on your shoulder, fitting to a natural shoulder slope. The internal break-away NAVCOM technology helps to evenly distribute the weight of the firearm over a larger area, so that your shoulder will not fatigue even after long-term use.