Camp Compass Academy Steers Kids In the Right Direction


America is seeing one tragedy after another these days, and no topic seems more divisive than that of gun rights. After the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, guns, not people, have been blamed for carrying out unspeakable acts of violence on innocent lives. People are afraid of more tragedy, but their fear is often aimed at guns — all types of guns. Feelings about guns often change depending upon the area of the state or country you are in. In areas where hunters are viewed as responsible and normal, people may have a positive view of guns. But in inner-city areas, that view can be dramatically different. Here, American Hunter‘s Frank Miniter looks at a program that is using hunting and firearm training to “save the lives of inner-city kids.”

“Camp Compass Academy does more than take kids hunting. It teaches them how a life outdoors, away from the streets, can mold them into the mature adults America needs.”

Photo courtesy of: John Annoni