Gun Owners Must Change the Perception of Guns

Gun Owners Must Change the Perception of Guns


Many topics have been hot-button issues over the years. Some, such as politics, carry the ability to turn friendly conversations into heated debates no matter where in the country you may be. Other issues are concentrated more regionally and often center around which sports team’s jersey you choose to wear.

Lately, one of the hottest — and most divisive — topics of conversation is gun rights. Whether you’re in favor of tougher gun laws, or you believe new laws won’t solve current problems, chances are you can easily find someone with a strongly opposing opinion. James Swan says gun owners must improve the public perception of guns

“Anyone who ever has been to a large sporting event or a rock concert knows how emotions can be contagious. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You want to preserve guns rights? Lobbying is important, but let’s all get behind working on improving the image of firearms in society. The point that I am coming to here is that we have to do a better job about integrating guns into the psychology of mainstream culture by educating people about them and setting the standards about how they are viewed…

My point here is that attitudes towards firearms are cultural–some places they are normal parts of everyday life, other places they are seen as weapons of violence and terror. At best, guns should make the world feel safer.”

Photo courtesy of: Danielle Smith