Make Your Own Shooting Sticks

Make Your Own Shooting Sticks


Shooting sticks can come in handy for any hunter who wants a little assistance in holding their gun steady. You may want to free your hands to use a favorite call. Perhaps you need to distribute the gun’s weight in order to relax a little yet still be ready should a wild turkey or other wildlife comes into shooting range.

Shooting sticks may be particularly helpful for hunters with disabilities, who need added stability when shouldering their firearm. You could buy a high-quality pair from an sporting goods store, or, as P.J. Perea of Turkey Country Magazine explains, you can build your own, custom shooting sticks with just a little time and even less money.

“Shooting sticks range from $30 for a basic set and up to $200 for deluxe models. For less than $6 per shooting stick, you can build a custom set that is just as good, if not better than the commercial versions. You’ll find most of the materials at your local farm supply and sporting goods stores.”

Photo by: Cabela’s