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9 Tips for Making Your Own Bow


Hunters employ all sorts of different methods to harvesting their game. Some choose a modern rifle or shotgun; others like a compound bow. And some hunters like the thrill of hunting with a muzzleloader or a more primitive recurve bow. If you enjoy the challenge of using a primitive bow, have you ever considered making your own? CamoPreppers offers a few simple tips for making your own bow, whether you’re in a survival situation or looking for a fun, new challenge.

If you are stuck in the woods and need to hunt for food, how are you going to do it? Knowing how to make a bow and arrow would definitely come in handy! Obviously a simple 22.-caliber rifle would have more accuracy from a long distance, but you might be able to use a homemade bow and arrow to snag a meal from 10-50 feet.

Photo by: Gary D. Smauder