Primos Tells the Truth About Hunting

Primos Tells the Truth About Hunting


Few things are more fun than sharing something that is special to you. Many hunters started hunting at a young age because they were introduced to the outdoors by a member of their family, and keep the tradition alive with their own children.

In this episode of Primos’ Truth About Hunting, Will Primos fires up his slate call to speak the language to a big longbeard, and Kevin Meacham explains why a box call is his go-to call, and discusses how the Primos crew gets their kids ready for youth turkey season.

“Hunting with the boys is more than just going out and shooting a turkey. We let them run the calls, use the trigger sticks, get in the blind and just have fun. They are involved in the hunt. These boys get to be involved with everything that’s going on from packing our vests, getting our gear and setting up blinds.”

Photo by: Brian Buddy Boitano