Plan Your NRA Youth Wildlife Contest Entry Now

Plan Your NRA Youth Wildlife Contest Entry Now


No matter the medium they choose to use – paint, charcoal, watercolor – many artists spend days, weeks, and even months working to get their artwork just right. The NRA just announced the winners of their 2012 youth art contest, and it’s clear these young artists worked hard to perfect their entries. NRA’s Kyle Jillison is also calling young artists to plan now for the next art contest:

“Now that the warmer weather of spring is arriving, the 2013 Youth Wildlife Art Contest is about to begin. The deadline to get your entries in still isn’t until late fall, but it isn’t too early to start thinking about your entry. Even if you don’t put anything to paper yet, simply day dreaming about which animal you’ll choose and what the entry will look like is a start in the right direction.”

Start planning now and your entry may just win part of the 2013 contest’s $7,000 in prizes.

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