Choose to Be an Ethical Hunter

Choose to Be an Ethical Hunter


Hunters spend their hard-earned money on equipment, invest their time and energy in scouting and setting up blinds, and then get up before the sun day after day to enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and maybe a kill. After all they put into a hunt, they could be faced with a decision: to do what is easy, or to do what is ethical.

Recently, two men in Wisconsin were chosen to receive awards for ethical hunting. Jerry Davis says,

“Ethics is not something that is easily taught. Maybe it comes partly from intuition. Maybe it comes when young hunters learn, and then hunt with ethical hunters. But surely the final examination in this outdoors course is realizing and practicing what is right and what is wrong, when you are with others and when you are alone.”

Find out why these Wisconsin hunters were honored with the state’s hunter ethics award.

Photo by: Brandon Carter