Colorado Sportsmen Weigh In On Gun Control Issue

Colorado Sportsmen Weigh In On Gun Control Issue


The nationwide gun-control debate rages on, and it seems no one can agree on a solution to fix the problems — or even agree on what those problems are. A new article in The Denver Post says Colorado’s hunters are overlooked in the gun-control debate.

Jerry Mallet, a Colorado resident, lifelong outdoorsman, and conservationist, along with other Colorado sportsmen, weighs in on some of the current hot-button issues:

“At the end of the day, all these laws won’t save many lives. It’s unfortunate, because I don’t think we ever had a good discussion about what the problem is,” he said. “There’s too much paranoia on the right that the government is after my guns and the Democrats writing the bills don’t understand guns to start with. They don’t hunt or fish, and there’s the gap. They don’t understand the general sportsman. They just give us lip service.”

Find out what some of the other nearly 300,000 hunters in Colorado have to say about the gun debate.

Photo credit: National Wild Turkey Federation