Plan a Safe Public-Land Hunt

Plan a Safe Public-Land Hunt


You’re readying your camouflage, patterning your shotgun, and scouting your hunting spot. They’re all signs that one of the most exciting times of year is upon us: spring turkey season. You may set up on your own land, on a private hunting lease, or, like many other hunters, head to a nearby public hunting area. Before you head out to hunt public land, check out the following tips for planning your next public-land hunt and staying safe.

Tom Hughes, NWTF assistant vice president of conservation programs, turkey hunts on public ground.

“No matter how hard you may have scouted an area, if you pull into the area that morning and another vehicle is there, you already know another hunter is possibly in the area you wanted to hunt,” Hughes said. “It is far safer to move to another location to avoid any interaction during the hunt.”

Be aware the turkey sounds you hear may not be coming from a turkey.

“You should always set up and call as if another hunter may be in the area,” Hughes said. “Make sure you have a good sized tree at your back, and if you use decoys, place them at a 90 degree angle to the side you most expect a turkey’s approach so you aren’t directly in line with the decoy.”