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Hunt Heavily Pressured Gobblers


Whether you hunt private property or public land like a wildlife management area, you’ve likely had your share of gobblers that just won’t come in when you call. Maybe they’re hung up with hens, maybe they’ve spotted you, or maybe they’re tired of hearing the same old calls. If you often hunt the same area, that wily gobbler you’ve been pursuing just may be on to you. Chris Kirby, president of Quaker Boy Calls, explains how you can switch up your routine to keep the gobblers guessing.

“You can’t hunt the same turkey the same way every day with the same calls. You’ve constantly got to change-up your calls and your strategies, so the gobbler never knows where you’ll appear, when you’ll call and what call, you’ll use. If you go into the woods before daylight, use your owl hooter, crow call, slate call, diaphragm call and box call. If you’ve been feeding him the same routine every day, you won’t be very successful… Another thing to remember is that hunters aren’t the only ones putting pressure on turkeys. Owls, coyotes and foxes all enjoy turkey dinners.”

Photo by: Greg Thompson