Can New York Eradicate Feral Swine?

Can New York Eradicate Feral Swine?


Feral hogs compete with other wildlife for food, damage crops and carry diseases that can harm native wildlife in many states. Once established, these fast-producing swine are hard to eradicate. Though it may be difficult, a recent report says it is possible to eliminate feral hogs in New York.

The report from the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s wildlife services division highlights some of the challenges New York faces in achieving this goal, and also mentions what other states have done to rid their lands of feral swine.

Escape of swine from shooting preserves, breeding facilities and intentional releases of swine by hunters interested in pursuing them in New York are factors that need to be addressed if the elimination efforts in the state are to be successful. With the proper legislation in place to prohibit the sale, possession or transportation of feral swine, elimination is a feasible goal for New York state.

Photo courtesy of: Thomas Cornelissen