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Wear Camo on Prom Night


Camo for the Prom?

Prom nights are very special and everyone pays attention to what the guys and gals wear. Many school districts have guidelines that keep attire inside the lines, yet what a person wears and how they look are important. What better way to make a statement about your outdoor lifestyle than to wear a tux or gown in a camouflage pattern?

APG-Camo-formal-gown[1]Don’t for a second think that you will be wearing baggy cotton grubs that will turn off even the most desperate teen. Guys can wear a camouflage jacket or a camo bowtie as an accessory. The gals have a great selection of dresses and gowns to choose from and if you are even the slightest bit interested, you need to click on www.realtree.com.  Check Stephanie Mallory’s post for all the details.

 How would you like your date to be on the internet and not just on social media? Realtree.com is asking all prom-goers to send photos of them dressed in their camo finest for posting on their website.  Have fun!