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The Turkey Target Bowhunters Must Have


Bowhunting wild turkeys with bow and arrow is incredibly challenging.  Not only must you lure that wily bird into close range, but you must make an extremely accurate shot and doing so at such an incredibly exciting time can be difficult.  The best preparation is to practice on a life-size 3-D target as mentioned below.  Although this Rinehart target has a replaceable center core, the best shot on a turkey is in the neck.  You either kill it instantly or hunt another day.  Here’s the scoop on the target.

Let Rinehart® Targets, makers of innovative and lifelike 3D archery targets, help you “strut your stuff” this spring, and tow home those record Toms with its Rinehart Strutting 3D Target. With shooting practice on this realistic-looking gobbler target under your belt, Toms strutting into range don’t stand a chance.

Simulating a 25-pound gobbler in full strut, this lifelike target mimics the size, shape, body position, color and feather pattern of the real thing. It’s so realistic, you almost expect it to warble or strut away. The Rinehart Strutting Turkey measures 25″ tall and 24″ in length and presents a full-bodied target that hunters can shoot at any angle. Practicing with this target is not only fun, it will help you gain the confidence you need to hit the mark when a real, personal-best Tom is within range.  www.rineharttargets.com