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Wanna Fight? Turkeys Do


Wild Turkey Gobblers are so Dominance Driven they will come on the Run

The way that some spring gobblers react to turkeys is incredible. Last spring, we posted a Thunder Chicken decoy above the horizon of a huge plowed field. Three gobblers had been strutting 400 yards away and as soon as they saw the decoy, they turned and ran, covering the ground on a dead run. Before they discovered what was up, Wyman Byers pulled the trigger on his 20-gauge over-and-under and put spurs in the sky, a beautiful Merriam’s tom.

th[8]Flextone introduces  the Funky Chicken, a new gobbler decoy for 2013, which looks much different than a standard strutting tom. Well known hunter Michael Waddell get the full rundown on the new bogus bird in this video clip a glimpse of how turkeys respond. Check out the video: