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Colorado has long been a premier destination for big game hunters.  With more elk than any other state and millions of acres of public land, sportsmen not only flock to the high country, but their hunting dollars contribute mightily to local economies and provide millions of dollars in out-of-state license sales.  However, recent aggressive gun control legislation has angered many sportsmen and shooters who may retaliate:

The recent gun proposals signed into law by Colorado governor John Hickenlooper might have some very unexpected consequences. Following announcements from Magpul and the Outdoor Channel to leave the state, hunters are standing up and taking notice. Many, like Outdoor Channel producer Michael Bane, call for a boycott of hunting in the Centennial State.

CO Rifle Elk 2011 225

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, these rumblings are still minor for the time being, but the issue has officials worried. Out-of-state hunters account for roughly 15 percent of hunting licenses issued in the state and provide a much needed boost for rural towns. This could all be put in jeopardy if popular opinion turns against Colorado.

“There’s a united front of sportsmen that are tired of having their freedoms and liberties and fundamental rights taken away from them,” said Chris Jurney, vice president of the Colorado Outfitters Association. “That kind of unity among sportsmen is going to be big and unfortunately for those of us who live here, we’re going to suffer the consequences of this misguided legislation.”

 Colorado’s small businesses could be the first to suffer…


Expect to see whitetail deer and wild turkeys in your yard on any day.  This spacious, modern, seven-bedroom, 4-year-old home in a lakeside community in Hickory, North Carolina is just $409,000.  Call 301-964-0926 for details.


With so many rifles on the market, and different advice offered by every hunter about what to buy, choosing a new hunting rifle that fits within your budget may seem impossible. Comparing what you want and need with how much you can spend may be daunting, but Matt Jarog says it’s doable.

“As a first time buyer I considered all the various decisions that go into buying a gun and decided on the Remington 770 chambered in 7mm Magnum. While it may not be the first pick for many experienced or professional hunters, for an enthusiast with a limited amount of money to dedicate toward a hobby, this rifle may very well be ideal.”

Jarog weighs the pros and cons, and maintains that if you’re a bargain hunter looking for a new rifle, the Remington 770 may offer the best bang for your buck.


Team Wild is out to the shows as per usual bringing you all the new gear from the Archery Trade Association show in Louisville, Kentucky.  If you’re broke, you probably shouldn’t watch this, as you are going to want to buy everything there.

Realtree introduces their new pattern as we see it on so many products from bows and crossbows to bags and sights.

Check out the video below:



Imagine hunting bears from a ground blind just 10 yards from a bait.  At this range, there is no room for error and hunting with a crossbow adds even more excitement.  Jerry Peterson , owner of Woods Wise Game Calls,  uses his signature bear call to lure in a beautiful phase color bruin, a tactic that can up the odds of any spring bear safari.  Check out the video below!



Spring gobbler hunting is truly heart pounding excitement. Add a bow and arrow to the mix and the thrill meter goes into the red. Taking any spring tom is difficult, yet having to draw a bow without being seen makes the challenge that much greater. Phillip Vanderpool is known as one of America’s best whitetail deer hunters, yet he’s also taken 31 gobblers with stick and string and lays out a great post of advice. Here are a few of his recommendations:

Reduce the weight of your bow so that you easily can draw the bow and hold it for 2 or 3 minutes. After you’ve reduced the weight, re-sight the bow in so you know where your arrow will hit at different distances. Many times, you’ll have to hold that bow at full draw to wait for a turkey to step into a spot where you can shoot him, because very rarely will you be able to draw and shoot
SD Spring Turkey 2012 129immediately.

I also sit in the shade so that the turkey is less likely to see me. Set up with plenty of cover behind you if you’re not hunting from a blind. The background cover will help hide you when you draw to shoot, and you won’t be silhouetted.

For the full story, check Hunter’s Specialty


Eddie Salter is one of the best turkey hunters and the grandest gentleman the South has ever produced.  As a two-time world champion turkey caller, he’s as adept in the woods as he is in competition.  Usually, when Salter talks turkey, it’s no contest for a Sunday dinner, yet even the best hunters and callers have a bad week and this Alabama native minces no words:

th[6]I had this famous outdoor writer coming to Evergreen, Alabama, where I live, to hunt with me. This fellow was writing a book on turkey hunting for the Outdoor Life Book Club. He wanted to hunt with and interview all the well-known turkey hunters and callers of the day for his book. Before the hunt, I’d secured permission to hunt what I considered to be some of the best turkey lands in Alabama. These lands had so-many turkeys on them, a 5-year-old could hunt with a box call and a stick and probably kill a turkey. I thought I could get this writer a turkey within half a day.

DSC_0196One of the reasons I like turkey hunting so much is I never know what will happen. For 4 days straight, from daylight to dark, we went to every place I knew and never heard a gobble. However, we did spot one skinny jake. The writer said, “That bird won’t do for photography.” I was completely frustrated. I had been everywhere on all this good turkey-hunting property to find this fellow a turkey and struck out. I had walked this guy so far that he’d nearly worn-out the soles on his boots. We had started on a Monday, and the writer only could hunt until noon on Friday. I kept telling him, “Don’t give up, we’ll get a turkey.” But that hadn’t happened… Link to


Camo for the Prom?

Prom nights are very special and everyone pays attention to what the guys and gals wear. Many school districts have guidelines that keep attire inside the lines, yet what a person wears and how they look are important. What better way to make a statement about your outdoor lifestyle than to wear a tux or gown in a camouflage pattern?

APG-Camo-formal-gown[1]Don’t for a second think that you will be wearing baggy cotton grubs that will turn off even the most desperate teen. Guys can wear a camouflage jacket or a camo bowtie as an accessory. The gals have a great selection of dresses and gowns to choose from and if you are even the slightest bit interested, you need to click on  Check Stephanie Mallory’s post for all the details.

 How would you like your date to be on the internet and not just on social media? is asking all prom-goers to send photos of them dressed in their camo finest for posting on their website.  Have fun!



Whether you are about to begin coyote hunting or have worn out your favorite spots, Mark Kayser, experienced hunter and caller, touts his favorite locations. In a follow up post from the same website, Kayser reveals the calls that work best including a new “estrous” coyote call that’s dynamite on male coyotes. Here’s the first place to begin hunting:

Coyotes may not be able to take down a full-grown cow, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to dream about it. For some reason coyotes like to hang near livestock and with cows starting to calve the reasons become even more obvious. Cows occasionally die leaving coyotes with plenty of protein, but as newborn calves hit the ground the afterbirth provides coyotes with a delicious meal. Coyotes also are on the lookout for stillborn calves and even eat the nutrient-rich droppings teaming with milk residue from newborns. In addition to cattle, coyotes like to lurk near sheep, goats, chickens and any other barnyard critter that may tip over unexpectedly or fall into a coyote trap.

Coyote hunting is one of the least restricted predators and in many states you can hunt them day or night; any day of the week. Whether you hunt over bait, use one of today’s easy-to-use electronic callers, or whale away on a mouth call, it’s lots of fun and you save the lives of countless rabbits, deer, and other small animals that already have enough enemies in the woods.