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Tips for Hunting Turkeys on Public Land


As wild turkeys flocks begin to break up and scatter to their spring nesting grounds, don’t overlook public land as a spring gobbler go-to. Scott Ellis lays out a three-part plan on the Outdoor Hub that will have your mind churning as opening day draws near. Here’s a brief look at how Ellis approaches the challenge:

Scouting- Knowing where turkeys roost, feed, and strut is critical to any successful strategy and unlike deer, you can scout for turkeys without ever entering the woods.

Phases of the Spring- Ellis points out how turkey behavior changes as the season progresses. Savvy hunters keep this evolution in minds and controls how much and how aggressively they call. When to sit still and when to move.

Safety- The one down-side of public land turkey hunting is the accessibility of other hunters, yet skillful hunters should follow the same safety precautions whether on public or private land.